Friday, March 12, 2010

"Five Eyed Dragon Show" My Second Preview "Concept Study No.01

"Spankey Stokes Write Up"  On my second preview for the "5 Eyed Dragon show" 
Thanks !
Brent Nolasco just sent over some sweet pictures of his latest custom for the "5 Eyed Dragon Show" at Dragatomi on April 10th. This piece, although it may look unfinished, that is the intention, and Brent's focus this year with his customs is going to be on the form! Brent says "Adding paint might take away from the piece, and this year I'm going to keep some customs with out paint. So you can focus more on the fusions of all the platforms and the concept behind the customs." I think that is a great idea and I have felt that way about alot of pieces in the past not just from Brent but other artists (including my own work) that show off their pieces all primed, without paint, they look amazing and then after adding paint something is lost.

The title of this pieces is "Concept Study No.01", and is a mesh of many vinyl pieces including, but not limited to Craola, Eaton, Mindstyle, and also included in the mix is found objects, Aves Sculpt, plastic, and prime... and what a mash up of pure awesomeness!

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