Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last preview for "5 eyed dragon show" @ Dragotoni / Custom by Brent Nolasco

The concept behind this custom was to make a fusion of a couple of my favorite vinyl toys. A lot of the pieces where leftovers from other toys pieces that I didn't use for customs. I also ended up using one of my Gordo resin figures from Myplasticheart. The custom changed a couple of times as it was being made. At one point, the custom got too complex and I decided to simplify it so that the other platforms would not be so obscure, and just compliment each other.

Title: Fevers and Translucent Dreams

Medium: Aves Sculpt, Vinyl Toys, My Resin Figure by MPH, Found Objects, Acrylic Paints

Vinyl Toy Platforms and Resin Figures: Nolasco, Pardee, Craola, Coop

Other links covering my custom for the show.  

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