Tuesday, July 13, 2010

International San Diego Comic Con 2010 (SDCC) / A Fond Farewell / Fusion Sculpt By Brent Nolasco

Thanks Vinyl Pulse For Posting!
Brent Nolasco ‘A Fond Farewell’ is just that … his last ‘fusion sculpt’ featuring custom toys. From this point on his 3D art work will be an extension of his original 2D art work featuring both his resins and original sculptures.

For ‘A Fond Fairwell’, Brent mixes a large number of popular toys (Upper Playground, Teddy Trooper, Nade, Coop 1, Craola, Sam Flores, JLed, Star Wars) and found objects resulting in a chaotic yet coherent fantasy steed design. This impressive piece will be shown at SDCC in the Dragatomi booth. Brent will also offer new resin customs at the Cardboard Spaceship booth.

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this thing is a hulk. fantastic work sir.