Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Brent Nolasco x J*Ryu -- ‘My Drifting Heart’ Resin @ SDCC

Brent Nolasco and J*Ryu continue their collaborative mojo in a big way with their upcoming ‘My Drifting Heart’ resin project due to debut at SDCC.  Shown here in teaser form is the first unpainted cast done by Dodgrr.   Standing 14” tall, this insanely ambitious project is based on one of Brent’s paintings, features J*Ryu’s recurring ghost girl figure seen in many of his recent custom projects, and is sculpted by J*Ryu.  How ambitious?  How about nineteen separately cast and assembled pieces which will then be hand-painted by Brent. 
For me, this project showcases the qualities that set ‘art toys’ apart from other offerings.  Namely the risk taking, dedication  and untold effort from artists and production crews  in order to create pieces that shouldn’t possibly exist, yet become reality, driven by artistic passion and the need for self-expression. 
Look for limited quantities of ‘My Drifting Heart’ for SDCC in Dragatomi’s booth and the opportunity to pre-order if you miss out on picking one up at the show. 

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