Monday, July 11, 2011

Brent Nolasco x J*Ryu - ‘My Drifting Heart’ @ SDCC 2011

A few days ago we brought you a teaser of Brent Nolasco and J*Ryu’s collaborative resin project, ‘My Drifting Heart’.  Now here’s a full look at the unpainted figure which shows off the full artistry of the piece which is based on one of Brent’s OG paintings and includes J*Ryu’s familiar ghostly female (attached via magnet)  clutching the side of the large bird emerging from a tree. The surreal mix of the bird and the tree is impressively done.   From the design to J*Ryu’s sculpting and Dodgrr’s casting this looks like a high quality release.
Brent is now working overtime to hand-paint these towering (14+”) figures in order to have a limited number available at SDCC via the Dragatomi booth.  We’re looking forward to bringing you shots of the finished pieces.  No word on pricing yet. After the jump you’ll find plenty of additional views of the piece, Brent’s OG painting, a design sketch and a look at J*Ryu’s original sculpt.

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