Friday, July 15, 2011

Brent Nolasco x J*Ryu – ‘My Drifting Heart’ @ SDCC 2011

You’ve seen the unpainted sculpt, now feat your eyes on the first fully painted edition of  Brent Nolasco x J*Ryu’s ‘My Drifting Heart’.  Brent’s stunning hand-painting work pulls out all the detail of J*Ryu’s sculpt and Dodgrr’s cast pieces.  From Brent’s spot-on signature colors to the realistic rendering of the metal and wood surfaces, this is a painting come to life in thrilling 3D fashion. 
While this first colorway is limited to 10 pieces, it’s unclear at the moment how many will be available at the Dragatomi booth (#4935).  Brent is in crunch mode, painting away as the mother of all shows approaches. Pre-orders will be taken at the booth for the remaining, yet to be completed pieces.  No word on pricing yet. We’re eager to check out ‘My Drifting Heart’ in person.
"The heart drifts freely in the ebb and flow of our lives, with the tide's current taking it wherever it pleases. Knowing that it is fragile, thorns and spiky barriers are erected, armoring itself from those who wish to do it harm or to protect itself from the feelings it cannot help. And for every heart, there is but one key out there that can finally release it to flourish and fly, and shed itself of the ghosts that remain. It may not know where it may heading, but eventually the drifting heart will find it's way..."

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