Friday, July 23, 2010

M. Collective SDCC 2010 / PRINT RELEASE

- Four 5" x 7" giclee prints on archival premium matte paper 192 gsm

- Featuring the art of Brent Nolasco, Matthew Ryan Sharp, Yosiell

   "project detonate" Lorenzo, Tyler Coey

- Signed and numbered by each artist

- Nicely packaged in a m. collective branded envelope

- Edition of 15

- Priced at $35

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

M. Collective / SDCC 2010 / Dragatomi's booth #3848

The m. collective is proud to announce that they will have exclusive sticker packs available at this years SDCC! V.1 and V.2 include sticker sheets featuring rad cut-to-shape sticker by each featured artist, which are: Brent Nolasco, Matthew Ryan Sharp, Project Detonate, and Tyler Coey. These will retail for only $5 a pop with each sheet measuring 6"x9". You can pick them up via Dragatomi's booth #3848 on all days of the con!

Brent Nolasco -- ‘Genesis’ Resin Custom @ SDCC 2010

Moving away from vinyl customs, Brent Nolasco eases into resin customs and fusion pieces with ‘Genesis’ featuring Scribe’s Rhino resin and his own Gordo (the little sidekick). Bridging his 2D and 3D art, Brent has carried his canvas painting style over to this new piece. This piece continues his recent ‘natural’ vibe with the use of synthetic flowers. The piece also features paper prints, metal spikes and found objects.

Genesis marks a new beginning for Brent’s 3D fusion customs and sculptures. Genesis and additional pieces will be available @ SDCC in the Cardboard Spaceship booth (#4534).
More pictures @

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

International San Diego Comic Con 2010 (SDCC) / A Fond Farewell / Fusion Sculpt By Brent Nolasco

Thanks Vinyl Pulse For Posting!
Brent Nolasco ‘A Fond Farewell’ is just that … his last ‘fusion sculpt’ featuring custom toys. From this point on his 3D art work will be an extension of his original 2D art work featuring both his resins and original sculptures.

For ‘A Fond Fairwell’, Brent mixes a large number of popular toys (Upper Playground, Teddy Trooper, Nade, Coop 1, Craola, Sam Flores, JLed, Star Wars) and found objects resulting in a chaotic yet coherent fantasy steed design. This impressive piece will be shown at SDCC in the Dragatomi booth. Brent will also offer new resin customs at the Cardboard Spaceship booth.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Rivet Gallery Show Tonight :)

Hi Everyone!

Rivet's upcoming exhibition featuring the artwork of Brent Nolasco, Jeremy Nichols and Revise CMW opens this Saturday, July 3rd. An opening reception will be held that evening from 7-10pm and complimentary beverages will be provided by Magic Hat. Artist Revise CMW will be in attendance. This show will feature paintings, drawings and mixed media work from the artists. The exhibition will run from July 3rd through July 31st.
To preview the exhibition before the opening night, follow the link below:
Preview Exhibition

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"CLUSTER FUCK" By Brent Nolasco / Qee Show @ Spaghetti Project

Whoa… I’m glad the sun is out, as I wouldn’t want to run into Brent Nolasco’s creature amalgamation, ‘Cluster Fuck’ without the reassurance of day light. This piece was created for the Civil War themed Qee show @ Spaghetti Project which opens on Saturday, July 10th (5 PM) in Virginia. The use of the military slang reference (things gone horribly wrong) applies both to the mutations that have produced this creature and in our opinion more generally to the Civil War as a horrible whole.

This piece shows Brent’s mastery of the mashup – now more organic than ever before. Do you recognize all the toy elements? Hit the jump to check your toy sleuthing skills.

Spaghetti Project

1025 Caroline Street

Fredericksburg, VA 22401


Cluster Fuck was created with toys from Alex Pardee, Gary Baseman, Tim Burton, Upper Playground, and Greg Simkins as well a Qee and a Nade. Brent brought all the elements together with Ave's Sculpt, Acrylic Paint, Nails, Synthetic Flowers, and Found Objects.