Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's my last year on doing custom vinyl toys. Thank you all for the support!

hey every one, this will be my last year doing custom vinyl toys. it's time to move on to sculpts and mine own resin projects. thanks for all the support and comments on my work.

best regards

brent nolasco

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ipad skin / by mutt and brent nolasco / On Sale Now!

ipad skin / by mutt and brent nolasco

Title: Arc of Time

high quality solvent based print on premium laminated vinyl. the vinyl is air release (same material used in vehicle wraps) making it easy for anyone to install bubble/wrinkle free and removes leaving no adhesive behind!

featured art by:

brent nolasco

$ 19.99
or international orders

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Last preview for "5 eyed dragon show" @ Dragotoni / Custom by Brent Nolasco

The concept behind this custom was to make a fusion of a couple of my favorite vinyl toys. A lot of the pieces where leftovers from other toys pieces that I didn't use for customs. I also ended up using one of my Gordo resin figures from Myplasticheart. The custom changed a couple of times as it was being made. At one point, the custom got too complex and I decided to simplify it so that the other platforms would not be so obscure, and just compliment each other.

Title: Fevers and Translucent Dreams

Medium: Aves Sculpt, Vinyl Toys, My Resin Figure by MPH, Found Objects, Acrylic Paints

Vinyl Toy Platforms and Resin Figures: Nolasco, Pardee, Craola, Coop

Other links covering my custom for the show.  

Monday, April 5, 2010

Blamo Toys @ Wondercon 2010 / New Upcoming figure By Brent Nolasco

Blamo Toys @ Wondercon
Mikie of Blamo Toys was at Wondercon and had a lot of sweet stuff on display at the booth. Including an upcoming collaboration figure with Brent Nolasco (shown above), which we cannot wait to hear more news on. They also had some exclusive releases by Leecifer, Leighton Kelly, a new release of Major Mars, and an exclusive debut of the newest Blamo figure, Swampy The Sea Creature. Also available at the booth were some one off customs and original art. Take a peek after the jump for more pictures.