Friday, July 15, 2011

Dragatomi @ SDCC

Dragatomi's booth (#4935) will definitely be bringing the heat to this years SDCC! They’ve got all things you need covered for SDCC, including exclusive releases, customs, signings, and special surprises!

Dragatomi will also have a custom showcase featuring a ton of customs by a ton of artists! The artist list includes Chauskoskis, Betso, Grimsheep, Drilone, J*Ryu, Southerndrawl, Wheelbarrow, Squink, Jeremiah Ketner, KingQuan, Leecifer, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Jay222, 64Colors, Travis Lampe, Motorbot, Chuckboy, Rsin, Aradabus Rubber, Brent Nolasco, Plaseebo, and Mikie Graham. You can find a few of the customs displayed after the jump, as well as their signing schedule!

Thursday: 12 pm Steve Talkowski
2 pm N.C. Winters
4 pm Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters

Friday: 12 pm A little Stranger
3 pm J*RYU and Brent Nolasco
5 pm Jeremiah Ketner

Saturday: 11 am Chauskoskis
1 pm Bigfoot
3 pm Skinner
5 pm Drilone and Leecifer

Sunday: 11 am Mikie Graham
1 pm Wheelbarrow
3 pm Steve Talkowski

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Brent Nolasco x J*Ryu – ‘My Drifting Heart’ @ SDCC 2011

You’ve seen the unpainted sculpt, now feat your eyes on the first fully painted edition of  Brent Nolasco x J*Ryu’s ‘My Drifting Heart’.  Brent’s stunning hand-painting work pulls out all the detail of J*Ryu’s sculpt and Dodgrr’s cast pieces.  From Brent’s spot-on signature colors to the realistic rendering of the metal and wood surfaces, this is a painting come to life in thrilling 3D fashion. 
While this first colorway is limited to 10 pieces, it’s unclear at the moment how many will be available at the Dragatomi booth (#4935).  Brent is in crunch mode, painting away as the mother of all shows approaches. Pre-orders will be taken at the booth for the remaining, yet to be completed pieces.  No word on pricing yet. We’re eager to check out ‘My Drifting Heart’ in person.
"The heart drifts freely in the ebb and flow of our lives, with the tide's current taking it wherever it pleases. Knowing that it is fragile, thorns and spiky barriers are erected, armoring itself from those who wish to do it harm or to protect itself from the feelings it cannot help. And for every heart, there is but one key out there that can finally release it to flourish and fly, and shed itself of the ghosts that remain. It may not know where it may heading, but eventually the drifting heart will find it's way..."

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Brent Nolasco x J*Ryu - ‘My Drifting Heart’ @ SDCC 2011

A few days ago we brought you a teaser of Brent Nolasco and J*Ryu’s collaborative resin project, ‘My Drifting Heart’.  Now here’s a full look at the unpainted figure which shows off the full artistry of the piece which is based on one of Brent’s OG paintings and includes J*Ryu’s familiar ghostly female (attached via magnet)  clutching the side of the large bird emerging from a tree. The surreal mix of the bird and the tree is impressively done.   From the design to J*Ryu’s sculpting and Dodgrr’s casting this looks like a high quality release.
Brent is now working overtime to hand-paint these towering (14+”) figures in order to have a limited number available at SDCC via the Dragatomi booth.  We’re looking forward to bringing you shots of the finished pieces.  No word on pricing yet. After the jump you’ll find plenty of additional views of the piece, Brent’s OG painting, a design sketch and a look at J*Ryu’s original sculpt.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Brent Nolasco x J*Ryu -- ‘My Drifting Heart’ Resin @ SDCC

Brent Nolasco and J*Ryu continue their collaborative mojo in a big way with their upcoming ‘My Drifting Heart’ resin project due to debut at SDCC.  Shown here in teaser form is the first unpainted cast done by Dodgrr.   Standing 14” tall, this insanely ambitious project is based on one of Brent’s paintings, features J*Ryu’s recurring ghost girl figure seen in many of his recent custom projects, and is sculpted by J*Ryu.  How ambitious?  How about nineteen separately cast and assembled pieces which will then be hand-painted by Brent. 
For me, this project showcases the qualities that set ‘art toys’ apart from other offerings.  Namely the risk taking, dedication  and untold effort from artists and production crews  in order to create pieces that shouldn’t possibly exist, yet become reality, driven by artistic passion and the need for self-expression. 
Look for limited quantities of ‘My Drifting Heart’ for SDCC in Dragatomi’s booth and the opportunity to pre-order if you miss out on picking one up at the show. 

Gallery 1988 Presents – Crazy 4 Cult 5: I’m Getting Too Old For This Shit (07.08)

Gallery 1988 is once again putting together their annual Crazy 4 Cult show, which for it's 5th show has amassed over 100 participating artists to re-create their favorite cult classics in different art forms. You can find the complete list of participating artists HERE. ‘I’m Getting Too Old For This Shit’ will be taking place this Friday, July 8th at 7PM at the 1988’s Melrose location. On Sunday, July 10th at Noon, G1988 will also be holding their Crazy 4 Cult coffee table book release and signing party, where many of the artists from the show will be found under one roof to sign and sketch in everyone's books and hang out all day! Take a look after the jump of the submissions from Robert Bradenburg, Martin Hsu, and Scott Belcastro.

Gallery1988 (Melrose)
7020 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

P.S.  I have a couple of custom in the Crazy 4 Cult coffee book!